Zombieeeee!Well, it is DAT time ob yeer again. Da time wen ghostiez & gobwinz wun fwee in search ob candy and skwapz ob bwainz. Az yoo can see, I make a tewwifying zombie howeberz, dis iz not mai offishul Halloween costoom. Mai offishul costoom iz a Mermaid….Yes, yoo weaded dat wight. A Mermaid. Why wud I furgo da escary Zombie wook fur a siwwy Mermaid yoo axe? Well, it’z all MOMMA’Z fawlt! Momma & Gwammie iz juss owt ob contwolz wif dat sewing masheen ob derz & dey totted dat I wud make a pwetty Mermaid. Dey iz wight, I iz a pwetty Mermaid ob course but I wanted to be sumfing ESCARY! Oh well…Mebbe next yeer. So now dat yooz all know wutt I iz gunna be fur Halloween why don’t yooz tell ME wutt YOO gunna beez? Post a pikkie ob yerself werrin yer costoom & I gunna do da same. Can’t wait to seez yooz!


Paloma Visits The Columbus Pet Expo

So dis weekend  I gonned to da Columbus Pet Expo wif mai famiwee! It wuz fun going owt wif ebewybuddy but it wudda ben better if we wuz goin’ to a buffet or sumfin’ wike dat! BOL! I gettz a wittle nerbuss in cwowdz & I stay wight wif Momma da whole time. Eben if I’z sniffin’ a butt I gottz to wook awownd fur Momma. I call dis mai Momma Panic Moment. She sez she haz doze kindz ob momentz wen she finks she leabed her purse in da shopping cawt or sumfing. She keepz her eye on me too & in big cwowdz. She awayyz watchin’ fur escary aminalz or escary wookin peeplez too! BOL!  So, I expected to onwy see sum doggiez but der wuz ALL kindz ob aminalz at dis pwace! Der wuz kittiez, Sugar Gwiderz, Goatz and eben da cyootist wittle pot bellied Piggie! Her name wuz Victowia and Momma wanted to bwing her home! I wudda had mai pikchur taked wif her but der wuz a sign on her cage dat sed she iz bitey, BOL!

Anudder supwize I encowntered at da Expo wuz meating da Easter Bunny! Momma jus handed me ober to dis giant, big toofed Bunny Wabbit jus fur me to hab mai pikchur taked wif it!!! I twied to get awayyz fwom it but it had long awmz. I kept eye contact wif Momma da whole time it wuz holding me hostage so I knowed I wuz gunna be safe & handed back ober to her shortly. …den it appened…Momma walked me ober to see da CAMELZ! Otayz, I sawwy but I totted dis wuz called a PET EXPO and az faw az I’z aware ob, NObuddy keepz camelz az PETZ! If she totted I wuz gunna eben WOOK at doze camelz she wuz kwazy! Dey staggered ober to da fence, wookin’ at me wif der big eyeballz wike I wuz gunna be der LUNCH! Momma pickded me up so’z I cud meatz wunna dem but I wuz clingin’ to her wif all da stwengf in mai wittle BT body! I wuz NOT gunna turn awownd and I wuz NOT gunna eben WOOK at dat camel! Take Me Home!

I did meat sum bewy nice peeplez and puppiez but it wuz bewy lowd and bizzy and der wuz jus too menny peeplez der fur me to be comferable. Ebewy time we passed a door I twied to dwag Momma to it so we cud go home, BOL! Don’t gettz me wong, I had fun and der wuz awott more der to see but I’z sumfing ob a homebody dog so I’z jus happier to be at home wif Momma.

Enter Da Vomit Bomb…

So I FINAWWY unweashed da beast yesserday. Da beast yoo ask? Da beast wuz abowt two dayz wurf ob poopz! Momma wuz gunna take me to da vet unwess I pooped so maded shur dat she seend me go potty. She wuz afwaid dat maybe der wuz a bite ob Jumbone stucked in mai tummy pweventing me fwom pooping & she wuz getting wurreed.

Enter da vomit bomb…jus wen Momma wuz stawting to fink I had gotted better I taked thwee stepz into da woom and………DETONATED DA VOMIT BOMB! Affer a cupple *gyerk, gyerk, gyerk* owt it camed. Onta da cawpet cwashed da biggest pile ob bawf I haz eber pwodoosed in mai lyfe. Oh, and it STEENKED too! Momma inspekted it az I imagine all Mommaz do & she dint see anyfing owt ob da ordinawy so she cweaned it up & wiped mai barfy lipz.

Now I’z back unner 24 hour survaylentz…no chance ob getting awayyz wif stealing any tweatz or eating any stuffy cottonz. It’z LOCKDOWN fur Paloma…AGAIN. *stomps paw!*

Hives! Hives! Everywhere Hives!

Az yoo aweddy noze, I iz allergix to pwetty much ebewyfing dat gwowz outsidez. Earlier dis week it seemz I gotted into sumfing dat obviouswy DID NOT agwee wif me & I bweaked owt in hibez. Now, I haz habbed hibez before but NEBER wike dis!

I gonned to bed wun nite wif jus a few hibez on mai side but wen I waked up I had hibez EBEWYwerrz! Eben on mai unmenshunablez! Dey gotted wurser wif time. Yoo can see in da pikkiez ob mai tootie how dey pwogwessed fwoo da day. Da pikkie on da left side wuz taked duwing mai bweakfast & da pikkie on the wight side wuz taked at da vet’z office awownd 4 pm. (Mom swerrz she can see a Pug face on mai butt in da pikkie on da wight!)

I wuz gibbed 2 intwavenus caffiterz by da vet dogtorz acuzz da hibez wuz so bad dat dey wanted da meddysinz to gettz into mai system fast. Da meddysinz I gotted wuz Dexamethasone S.P. (4 mg) & Diphenhydramine (50 mg). I awso gotted a noo pweskwipshun ob da stewoid Temeril-P. Wifin 20 minittz da mojowity ob da hibez had gonned awayyz. I cuddnt beweebz dat dey shaved mai leggz fur da caffiterz! Momma sez it’z hawdly eben notissablez.

I wuz bewy happy to gettz da heck owwta der but I feeled awott betterz. It’z still a mystewy wutt bwinged deez hibez on but Momma finkz I eated sumfin I shuddnt hab. I tend to eatz ebewyfing I can gettz mai pawz on & I eben knockded ober da twash can twice yesserdayz. In mai defensez, der wuz CHEEKIN in da twash can!

I wunna wemind ebewywun to keep an eyebald on yer petz espeshully duwing da howl-i-dayz! Wif extwa peeplez coming awownd to vizit, Chwismas tweez & fwowerz, wibbonz & wapping paperz ebewywerrz & wottz ob cookiez & meatz on da tablez we haz menny oppurtoonitiez to snack on stuff dat can hurt us.

Happy Howl-i-dayz!!!