UPDATE!!! ย  ย Celie haz ben fownded!!! Momentz affer dis post I weceebed wurd dat her Momma wuz on her way to pick her up!!! We keeped da faith an neber gibbed up on yoo Celie!!! Welcome home gurlfwend!



Ebewybuddy pweeze check dis owt! Celie da Boston Terrier iz STILL missing fwom Houston, Texas an her Mommy iz wurreed SICK! Der ben NO sightingz ob her since she sneeked owt da howse. Her distwaught famiwee haz checked wif da shelterz an posted her pikshur all oberz but her iz still not ben weturned. I hope dat sum nice peeplez haz ben taking care ob her duwing dis time an dat dey will bwing her home soon. We gottz to stick togeddur an watch owt fur each udder!!! KEEP WOOKING!!!ย