Missing Bulldog From Columbus, Ohio

I am pawplexed by da numbah ob mai fellow doggehz who beein’ dognapped. It iz distwessing to say da weast an I cannot imagine da heartbweak dey pawentz iz feeling. I feel it iz mai dooty to do ebewyfing in mai powerz to spwead da wurd in a effort to bwing dem home.

Dis bootyful gurl iz Maebull. She iz a 3 mumf old, fawn English Bulldog an she weighz 18 powndz. She wuz DOGNAPPED fwom her own home in da Old Town East area ob Columbus, Ohio. She wuz tooked by a white male an white female who fleed da scene in a white 4 door auto wif no platez. Her pawentz miss her bewy much an haz offered a $1000 weward fur her safe weturn.

I beweebz she may be turn up at a wescue or be offured fur sale an dis iz why we needz to gettz da wurd owt! Sumwun may be innawested in her an not eben wealize dat her ben abducted!  Pweeze take a gud wook at her pikchur! She haz BEWY distinctibe mawkingz! Her right eye haz a lawge bwack diamond pattern awownd it! I noze sumwun haz seend her!!! 




If yoo haz any info pweeze contact her pawentz, BRANDON and TIFFANY ROSS.
Contact info:
email rossrdh@gmail.com