Yay Me, I gottz a noo kitteh brudder….*sigh*…

So it seemz dat I not ben on since EASTER!!!! I sawwy fur da lapse in essiting Paloma newz but I iz BACK! Since mai last post I haz twied a noo allergy meddysin called Atopica awong wif Hydwoxyzine. Dat combo seems to work bewy well. Momma fownded sum Poizon Ivy, Oak or sumfin er udderz in da yawd & she taked care ob dat nassy stuff tooz.

I awso gotted a noo brudder cat. *sigh*  Himz name iz Phoenix but wen he first stawted comin’ awownd fur food Momma called him StumpButt. He haz a stump fur a tail & he had a bewy bad wound on himz leg. Eben wif da tewwible wound he wuz still a sweet kitty boy so wif da help ob da Bwack & Owange Cat Fowndashun Momma taked him to da hospibal. He had been staying in da gawage until da hospibal wuz weddy acuzz he awso had pwetty bad fleaz. He wuz pwetty wuff but he gotted a bunch ob shotz & sum tagz & stuff. He awso gotted himz leg tweated. It wuz infekted & had pus dwipping fwom it. *gagging*  Dey sed it wuz bad & dat it cudda ben fwom a bite. Phoenix wudda died if he dint get tweatment so I GESS I not upsetted dat he haz to be mai brudder now. I dont wunna see ANY aminalz hurted….eben catz. He stayed in da hospibal fur a week so dey cud change himz bandagez & keep an eye on da wound. Momma went to bizit him in da hospibal & she wunnered whut him wuz finkin’. Did he fink he’d eber see her again? Why wuz she der to see him? It wuz sad to fink abowt him beein’ der & wunnerin’ whut wuz goin’ on…. Den wun day Momma iz back & he gettz anudder car wide back home….Wuz she gunna open da cwate & set him fwee back to da stweetz? Whut wuz him finkin’ now? Mebbe he wuz gunna wiv in da gawage again…it wuzznt bad in der & at weast he had food & water & he wuz safe. I wunner whut him wuz finkin’ wen Momma cawwied him into da howse? He had a XL dog cwate waiting fur him wif a kitteh bed & bwanketz…food & water…eben himz own pwivate wittle cat litter box! He went stwaight in & curled up in da bed & falled asweep. Safe & sownd. So I gess mai secwet iz owt….Yesh, it’s twoo. I wike catz. *giggling into paws*


Paloma Visits The Columbus Pet Expo

So dis weekend  I gonned to da Columbus Pet Expo wif mai famiwee! It wuz fun going owt wif ebewybuddy but it wudda ben better if we wuz goin’ to a buffet or sumfin’ wike dat! BOL! I gettz a wittle nerbuss in cwowdz & I stay wight wif Momma da whole time. Eben if I’z sniffin’ a butt I gottz to wook awownd fur Momma. I call dis mai Momma Panic Moment. She sez she haz doze kindz ob momentz wen she finks she leabed her purse in da shopping cawt or sumfing. She keepz her eye on me too & in big cwowdz. She awayyz watchin’ fur escary aminalz or escary wookin peeplez too! BOL!  So, I expected to onwy see sum doggiez but der wuz ALL kindz ob aminalz at dis pwace! Der wuz kittiez, Sugar Gwiderz, Goatz and eben da cyootist wittle pot bellied Piggie! Her name wuz Victowia and Momma wanted to bwing her home! I wudda had mai pikchur taked wif her but der wuz a sign on her cage dat sed she iz bitey, BOL!

Anudder supwize I encowntered at da Expo wuz meating da Easter Bunny! Momma jus handed me ober to dis giant, big toofed Bunny Wabbit jus fur me to hab mai pikchur taked wif it!!! I twied to get awayyz fwom it but it had long awmz. I kept eye contact wif Momma da whole time it wuz holding me hostage so I knowed I wuz gunna be safe & handed back ober to her shortly. …den it appened…Momma walked me ober to see da CAMELZ! Otayz, I sawwy but I totted dis wuz called a PET EXPO and az faw az I’z aware ob, NObuddy keepz camelz az PETZ! If she totted I wuz gunna eben WOOK at doze camelz she wuz kwazy! Dey staggered ober to da fence, wookin’ at me wif der big eyeballz wike I wuz gunna be der LUNCH! Momma pickded me up so’z I cud meatz wunna dem but I wuz clingin’ to her wif all da stwengf in mai wittle BT body! I wuz NOT gunna turn awownd and I wuz NOT gunna eben WOOK at dat camel! Take Me Home!

I did meat sum bewy nice peeplez and puppiez but it wuz bewy lowd and bizzy and der wuz jus too menny peeplez der fur me to be comferable. Ebewy time we passed a door I twied to dwag Momma to it so we cud go home, BOL! Don’t gettz me wong, I had fun and der wuz awott more der to see but I’z sumfing ob a homebody dog so I’z jus happier to be at home wif Momma.

C’mon CORALVILLE, IOWA! Let’z get diz puppy HOME!


Residents of Coralville, IA, PLEASE HELP LOOK for this puppy that was stolen 1 week ago today from Woofables Dog Bakery. His name is Monty, he’s only 3 months old and he was taken from his Owners (who also own Woofables) by a male and female. Monty is brindle (black and brown), neutered, very friendly and not micro-chipped. 

There has been a sighting of a woman walking him in Coralville near apartments and condos near 20th Avenue and 10th Streets. If you live around this area, will you please help us? If you see Monty and the people who took him, do NOT take action yourself! Please call the Coralville Police at 319.248.1800. 

If you live in that area, please email me to find out how you can help us find him: kennedyjules@yahoo.com. 

For those who don’t live anywhere near here, you can still help us by RTing this…

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Enter Da Vomit Bomb…

So I FINAWWY unweashed da beast yesserday. Da beast yoo ask? Da beast wuz abowt two dayz wurf ob poopz! Momma wuz gunna take me to da vet unwess I pooped so maded shur dat she seend me go potty. She wuz afwaid dat maybe der wuz a bite ob Jumbone stucked in mai tummy pweventing me fwom pooping & she wuz getting wurreed.

Enter da vomit bomb…jus wen Momma wuz stawting to fink I had gotted better I taked thwee stepz into da woom and………DETONATED DA VOMIT BOMB! Affer a cupple *gyerk, gyerk, gyerk* owt it camed. Onta da cawpet cwashed da biggest pile ob bawf I haz eber pwodoosed in mai lyfe. Oh, and it STEENKED too! Momma inspekted it az I imagine all Mommaz do & she dint see anyfing owt ob da ordinawy so she cweaned it up & wiped mai barfy lipz.

Now I’z back unner 24 hour survaylentz…no chance ob getting awayyz wif stealing any tweatz or eating any stuffy cottonz. It’z LOCKDOWN fur Paloma…AGAIN. *stomps paw!*



Anudder day an still NO POOPZ!

I ben dwoppin’ BOMBZ all day. Momma iz thweatening to put a biohazard sticker on mai butt. Deez steenky fawtz iz pwoof dat I gunna unweash sumfin’ fierce heer soon. Momma called da vet & dey sed I not allowed to hab any peeplez poop meddysinz. Mai wittle doggeh liver can’t handle dat stuffz so I gunna go eatz mai dinner & see whut happenz. Keep yer pawz cwossed fur a BIG POOP soon!!!

I Needz To Fawt!

    Fur da second day in a wrow, I haz passed on bweakfast. Now, doze ob yoo who noze me, noze dat dis iz a bewy rare occuwance. I meenz, dis cud be a sign ob da Apocawypse! Da ENDINGZ OB DA WURLD er sumfingz! Do yoo know any 25 pownd Boston Terrorz who wud EBER pass on a chance to EATZ?!?!?! Me neederz.

    Momma iz wurreed. She iz awayyz wurreed abowt me doe. Any time I sneeze she iz weddy to gwab me up & wush me to da vet hospibal. I gess I haz gibbed her pwenty ob weasonz to wurry doe. I seem to be a wadder needy gurl. I’Z TUFF! Let’z not furget how tuff I iz now….I just meenz dat I haz had awott ob medical pwoblemz in mai thwee yearz ob lyfe.

    Mai tummy iz gurgling & wumbling so lowd dat mai brudderz iz wooking awownd fur da source ob da noizez. Momma iz wurreed dat maybe I haz a bite ob Jumbone stucked in mai bowelz. I can’t gettz comferable…I fink I jus needz to fawt. Pfffffft!  

Hives! Hives! Everywhere Hives!

Az yoo aweddy noze, I iz allergix to pwetty much ebewyfing dat gwowz outsidez. Earlier dis week it seemz I gotted into sumfing dat obviouswy DID NOT agwee wif me & I bweaked owt in hibez. Now, I haz habbed hibez before but NEBER wike dis!

I gonned to bed wun nite wif jus a few hibez on mai side but wen I waked up I had hibez EBEWYwerrz! Eben on mai unmenshunablez! Dey gotted wurser wif time. Yoo can see in da pikkiez ob mai tootie how dey pwogwessed fwoo da day. Da pikkie on da left side wuz taked duwing mai bweakfast & da pikkie on the wight side wuz taked at da vet’z office awownd 4 pm. (Mom swerrz she can see a Pug face on mai butt in da pikkie on da wight!)

I wuz gibbed 2 intwavenus caffiterz by da vet dogtorz acuzz da hibez wuz so bad dat dey wanted da meddysinz to gettz into mai system fast. Da meddysinz I gotted wuz Dexamethasone S.P. (4 mg) & Diphenhydramine (50 mg). I awso gotted a noo pweskwipshun ob da stewoid Temeril-P. Wifin 20 minittz da mojowity ob da hibez had gonned awayyz. I cuddnt beweebz dat dey shaved mai leggz fur da caffiterz! Momma sez it’z hawdly eben notissablez.

I wuz bewy happy to gettz da heck owwta der but I feeled awott betterz. It’z still a mystewy wutt bwinged deez hibez on but Momma finkz I eated sumfin I shuddnt hab. I tend to eatz ebewyfing I can gettz mai pawz on & I eben knockded ober da twash can twice yesserdayz. In mai defensez, der wuz CHEEKIN in da twash can!

I wunna wemind ebewywun to keep an eyebald on yer petz espeshully duwing da howl-i-dayz! Wif extwa peeplez coming awownd to vizit, Chwismas tweez & fwowerz, wibbonz & wapping paperz ebewywerrz & wottz ob cookiez & meatz on da tablez we haz menny oppurtoonitiez to snack on stuff dat can hurt us.

Happy Howl-i-dayz!!!

If it’z Thurzday I must be Skwatching

Why am I skwatching yoo ask? Well, I am skwatching becuz I am pwetty much allergik to ebewyfing dat gwowz owtside. Dat meanz dat I’z allergik to da gwassez I lubbz to snack on and da leabez I lubbz to wun froo, etc.  Eben doe I jus turned thwee it iz appawent dat Autumn iz by faw da wurst seazon fur me. My symptomz furst appeared before I wuz eben a year old. I began loozing mai fur and skwatching incessantly. I wuz suffawing fwom wepeated ear infexionz and skin bweakowtz. All da skwatching wud subsakwently lead to yeast infexionz in da aweaz unner mai fwont legz which iz why Mom makez me werr t-shirtz all da timez. Needless to bark, allergeez make Pawoma a steenky gurl. Mom sez I smellz wike CHEEZE wen I iz habbin’ a fware-up but I don’t see DAT beein’ a pwoblem! I LUBBZ cheeze!

Mai dokter tolded Momma dat awott ob pupz owtgwow der allergeez so we all had owa pawz cwossed dat dis wud be twoo in mai case. Ob coursez, fur me it wuz not da case. I unnergonned bwood testz, skin skwapingz an pawhapz da most tewwiblist test ob ALLZ…A FOOD TWIAL! Dat’z wight, a food twial. Mom taked awayyz mai wegular foodz an maded me eat dis speshul Pweskwipshun Onwy kibblez an I wuzznt allowd any tweatz eeder. Howeber, dis estoopid diet dint keep me fwom snackin’ on da occayzhunal gwass or leaf salad in da backyawd. Mai Boston Terrier stubbornessez (awong wif mai lubb ob salad) pwetty much voided da food twial and leabed da Vetz skwatching dey headz. Affer more bwood testz, more skin skwapingz and twelfty millyun diffwent kindz ob shampooz, cweemz and spwayz, mai allergeez had pwoved too much fur mai vet. It wuz obveeyus dat I needed a speshuwist.

Mai next appointment wuz to be wif mai noo Vet Team in da Dermatology Depawtment at Da Ohio State Unibersity Vetawinary Hospibal. Mai noo Vet Team gibbed ma a allergeez test which wuz a more thurough test den da wegular vet iz able to pawform. While we wuz waiting fur da wezultz ob mai allergee testingz I wuz beein’ tweated fur Atopic Dermatitis, Internal & External Otitis, Pyoderma and Tail Bacterial Intertrigo. Wutt duz all dat meanz? It meanz dat I wuz itchy, skwatchy, steenky an genawally jus MISERABLE. Tweating mai symptomz up to dis point wuz bwinging sum welief but I feeled wike I wuz weally wun mowfull ob gwass awayyz fwom anudder full bwown allergix attack. Many ob mai costly tweatmentz, which iz pikchured here wuz unfortunatewy ineffectibe. Wutt wuz dey yoo axe? I shall wist dem…

  • Temaril-P A corticosteroid
  • Chlorhex Wipes An anti-bacterial wipe
  • Conofite Dez Drops Ear drops
  • Frontline Plus Flea and tick preventative
  • Fish Oil Supplements for healthy skin and coat
  • Cephalexin antibiotic
  • Duoxo Calm Shampoo
  • Duoxo Calm Spray
  • Allerderm Spot-On
  • Benedryl
  • Remicin Ointment
  • Rimadyl
  • Metronidazole
  • Aveeno Lotion
  • Derm Care Anti-Itch Spray
  • Nutri-Vet Ear Cleanse
  • Glen Haven Medicated Antiseptic Shampoo
  • Vet’s Remedy Dermatologic Conditioner 
  • Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy 

In Febwooary ob 2010 Mom weceebed mai allergix weport which wevealed dat contwary to da bewief ob mai Vet Team, I wuz not allergix to indoor allergenz! Howeber, I DO haz allergeez to da following;

  • Ragweed
  • Lamb’s Ear
  • Dock Sorrel
  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Elm
  • Sycamore
  • Orchard
  • June/Blue
  • Bermuda
  • Fescue
  • Johnson

 So wif dis infurmation mai Vet Team stawted me on ALLERGEN-SPECIFIC IMMUNOTHERAPY. Wutt’z dat meanz yoo axe? Welp, it meanz dat Mom had to gib me a SHOT in da NECK ebewy thwee dayz! Da shotz wuz formuwated espeshully fur me an dey contained diluted mixturez ob da allergenz I listed above. Da shotz iz gibben to manipuwate da immune system to become more tolerant ob da allergenz instead ob reacting wif a bad case ob da itchyness. I putted up wif deez shotz fur a whole year but I gotted awott ob CHEEZE! 

Az yoo can see, I haz ben froo awott in mai thwee yearz and da wunning tally on mai medical expensez iz sumwerrz awownd $4000.00. Mom sez dat I iz a “investment”…wutteber dat meanz! Ebewy now an den I haz a flare-up and I gettz putted back on da Temaril-P until I’z better. Mom dwessez me in a shirt to pwotekt mai delicate, sensitibb skin fwom da ebil, ebil gwassez, leabez an weedz an da bestest pawt ob it all…I can haz tweatz!