Post-Howloween Tweat Rush

Welp, we just now settling down fwom all owa Howl’o’ween actibitiez incwuding all da snackiez!  I fink I gained a whole pownd! Now we iz wookin furward to Fanksgibbin’! Mai most favowitt foodz iz schicken ob corse so obviously I lubbz toikey! Dey bofe birdz if yoo din’t noze dat. 🐔🦃 So dat beez yor lesson fur da day! B0L! 

Oh! I awmost furgotted! I wanted to show yooz guyz mai #HarleyQuinn booty shortz!!! Yoo cuddnt see dem in mai offishal Howloween pikkie & Momma worked hawd making dem fur meez so….heewr yoo goze! Yoo can wook BUT NOT FUR TOO LONG! 


It’z Howl’o’ween Nite!

We lubbz dwessin’ up and Momma lubbz to make us kool owtfitz….otayz, Momma tolded me to say dat. Eeder way we wud wike to weveal owa costoomz!!!!  First, I ben hearin’ dat aw…

Source: It’z Howl’o’ween Nite!

Zombieeeee!Well, it is DAT time ob yeer again. Da time wen ghostiez & gobwinz wun fwee in search ob candy and skwapz ob bwainz. Az yoo can see, I make a tewwifying zombie howeberz, dis iz not mai offishul Halloween costoom. Mai offishul costoom iz a Mermaid….Yes, yoo weaded dat wight. A Mermaid. Why wud I furgo da escary Zombie wook fur a siwwy Mermaid yoo axe? Well, it’z all MOMMA’Z fawlt! Momma & Gwammie iz juss owt ob contwolz wif dat sewing masheen ob derz & dey totted dat I wud make a pwetty Mermaid. Dey iz wight, I iz a pwetty Mermaid ob course but I wanted to be sumfing ESCARY! Oh well…Mebbe next yeer. So now dat yooz all know wutt I iz gunna be fur Halloween why don’t yooz tell ME wutt YOO gunna beez? Post a pikkie ob yerself werrin yer costoom & I gunna do da same. Can’t wait to seez yooz!