Post-Howloween Tweat Rush

Welp, we just now settling down fwom all owa Howl’o’ween actibitiez incwuding all da snackiez!  I fink I gained a whole pownd! Now we iz wookin furward to Fanksgibbin’! Mai most favowitt foodz iz schicken ob corse so obviously I lubbz toikey! Dey bofe birdz if yoo din’t noze dat. 🐔🦃 So dat beez yor lesson fur da day! B0L! 

Oh! I awmost furgotted! I wanted to show yooz guyz mai #HarleyQuinn booty shortz!!! Yoo cuddnt see dem in mai offishal Howloween pikkie & Momma worked hawd making dem fur meez so….heewr yoo goze! Yoo can wook BUT NOT FUR TOO LONG! 

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