It’z Howl’o’ween Nite!

We lubbz dwessin’ up and Momma lubbz to make us kool owtfitz….otayz, Momma tolded me to say dat. Eeder way we wud wike to weveal owa costoomz!!!! 

First, I ben hearin’ dat awott ob girlz iz dwessin’ up az #HarleyQuinn fwom da #SuicideSquad…..but nunna dem can rock it wike meeeeez!!!!!

See! I eben gottz da bloody “GOOD NIGHT” bat and da Puddin’ collar. Sawwy but I WEELY feewlin’ maiself wight nowz. *flips hair*

So now I gessin’ yoo wanna see mai broski in himz costoom…Fur doze ob yooz who don’t noze Johnny (@JohnnyTheFrug on Twitter) we ‘dopted him fwom #MidwestBostonTerrierRescue. Seemz dey pulled him fwom a shelter affer he wuz caught livin’ on da mean stweetz. I noze, I noze-Johnny ain’t no Boston Tewwier BUT him IZ a fellow smushy face so dey saved him. Now he mai brudder and if yoo wanna get all technicalz, Johnny iz haff Pug and haff Fwench Bulldog. Dat makez him a #FRUG! 

Jeez….enuff abowt Johnny aweddy!!! He goin twick or tweating az da Late, Gweat….


#Harambe wuz da Gowilla at da Cincinnati Zoo

So der yoo haz it. I hope yooz all enjoyed deez pix and hopefully gotted a laff πŸ˜‚


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