**My New Store!**Click Here To Shop!**

**My New Store!**Click Here To Shop!**

Hey all! *waving paws*

Az menny ob yoo noze, I iz still settling into life in mai noo city ob Cincinnati.

I absawwotly LUBBZ it heer by da wayz! I haz ben to watch da Cincinnati Redz pway & I haz fownded noo dogpawkz & meated menny wunnerful noo pupz in mai nayborhood. I haz awso ben inspired to open up mai bewy own ETSY shop! Wif Momma & Gwammiez help I haz abowt 50 itemz posted in da store & dey not ALL doggie welated eederz! Derz pwenty ob stuff fur da human in yer life. So if yoo check owt mai store & yoo wike sumfin juss let me noze & if yoo wike sumfin but wud wike it customized in sum way den lemme noze & I seez wutt I can do! Otayz!Β 

Holla back!

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