Been gone a while…R.I.P. Phoenix

Well….I hazznt writed fur a while. Akshully, I hazzt writed since mai kitteh brudder Phoenix passed awayz. Dat maded me so sad & I juss dint feel wike bwoggin’ no morez…We thought Phoenix wuz gunna recober…we thought he wuz comin’ awownd. Den we gotted da worst phone call. Az dey wuz pwepawin’ him fur da skin graph surgewy dey fownded da Big C. Cancer. @#$% CANCER! @#$% it! Phoenix dint hab a chance. He wuz so weak fwom da meddysinz Momma hadda gibb him & he cuddnt get awownd wif da big cast he wore on himz fwont leg. Momma hadda cawwy him awownd & help him in & owt ob da witter box. Mostly he wuz owt ob da cwate & in Momma’z armz. He wuz in so much pain fwom da ‘degloving’ wound on himz leg dat he hadda go back to da hospibal fur obzervayshun & to get da bandagez changed. Affer dey called wif da nooz dat dey cuddnt help him no morez, Momma maded da desizhun to bwing him home fur a few dayz before he gonned Ober Da Wainbow Bwidge…He camed home & we all twied to show him az much love az possible & spoiled him wif toona & let him know dat he WUZ loved and dat he WUZ pawt ob a FAMIWEE. I gettin’ weal leaky eyez writin’ dis and finkin’abowt mai Warrior Kitty brudder, Phoenix. We all bawled owa eyez owt da day himz ashez & paw pwint awwibed. I hope he’z happy in Kitty Heaven. I hope he iz fwolicking in da gwass, chasing butterfwiez & most ob all, juss beein’ pain fwee. We lubbz yoo SO much Phoenix! I hope da time yoo had wif us made a diffawence. *sobbing* 

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