Yay Me, I gottz a noo kitteh brudder….*sigh*…

So it seemz dat I not ben on since EASTER!!!! I sawwy fur da lapse in essiting Paloma newz but I iz BACK! Since mai last post I haz twied a noo allergy meddysin called Atopica awong wif Hydwoxyzine. Dat combo seems to work bewy well. Momma fownded sum Poizon Ivy, Oak or sumfin er udderz in da yawd & she taked care ob dat nassy stuff tooz.

I awso gotted a noo brudder cat. *sigh*  Himz name iz Phoenix but wen he first stawted comin’ awownd fur food Momma called him StumpButt. He haz a stump fur a tail & he had a bewy bad wound on himz leg. Eben wif da tewwible wound he wuz still a sweet kitty boy so wif da help ob da Bwack & Owange Cat Fowndashun Momma taked him to da hospibal. He had been staying in da gawage until da hospibal wuz weddy acuzz he awso had pwetty bad fleaz. He wuz pwetty wuff but he gotted a bunch ob shotz & sum tagz & stuff. He awso gotted himz leg tweated. It wuz infekted & had pus dwipping fwom it. *gagging*  Dey sed it wuz bad & dat it cudda ben fwom a bite. Phoenix wudda died if he dint get tweatment so I GESS I not upsetted dat he haz to be mai brudder now. I dont wunna see ANY aminalz hurted….eben catz. He stayed in da hospibal fur a week so dey cud change himz bandagez & keep an eye on da wound. Momma went to bizit him in da hospibal & she wunnered whut him wuz finkin’. Did he fink he’d eber see her again? Why wuz she der to see him? It wuz sad to fink abowt him beein’ der & wunnerin’ whut wuz goin’ on…. Den wun day Momma iz back & he gettz anudder car wide back home….Wuz she gunna open da cwate & set him fwee back to da stweetz? Whut wuz him finkin’ now? Mebbe he wuz gunna wiv in da gawage again…it wuzznt bad in der & at weast he had food & water & he wuz safe. I wunner whut him wuz finkin’ wen Momma cawwied him into da howse? He had a XL dog cwate waiting fur him wif a kitteh bed & bwanketz…food & water…eben himz own pwivate wittle cat litter box! He went stwaight in & curled up in da bed & falled asweep. Safe & sownd. So I gess mai secwet iz owt….Yesh, it’s twoo. I wike catz. *giggling into paws*


3 responses to “Yay Me, I gottz a noo kitteh brudder….*sigh*…

  1. Hey der Lomie!! Woo shud write on your bloggie sume more. 😉 I is gonna be trying to write on mine abowt once a week. I like to hear sume more tales ob what woo are doing!

    Tail wags,

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