C’mon CORALVILLE, IOWA! Let’z get diz puppy HOME!


Residents of Coralville, IA, PLEASE HELP LOOK for this puppy that was stolen 1 week ago today from Woofables Dog Bakery. His name is Monty, he’s only 3 months old and he was taken from his Owners (who also own Woofables) by a male and female. Monty is brindle (black and brown), neutered, very friendly and not micro-chipped. 

There has been a sighting of a woman walking him in Coralville near apartments and condos near 20th Avenue and 10th Streets. If you live around this area, will you please help us? If you see Monty and the people who took him, do NOT take action yourself! Please call the Coralville Police at 319.248.1800. 

If you live in that area, please email me to find out how you can help us find him: kennedyjules@yahoo.com. 

For those who don’t live anywhere near here, you can still help us by RTing this…

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Holla back!

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