If it’z Thurzday I must be Skwatching

Why am I skwatching yoo ask? Well, I am skwatching becuz I am pwetty much allergik to ebewyfing dat gwowz owtside. Dat meanz dat I’z allergik to da gwassez I lubbz to snack on and da leabez I lubbz to wun froo, etc.  Eben doe I jus turned thwee it iz appawent dat Autumn iz by faw da wurst seazon fur me. My symptomz furst appeared before I wuz eben a year old. I began loozing mai fur and skwatching incessantly. I wuz suffawing fwom wepeated ear infexionz and skin bweakowtz. All da skwatching wud subsakwently lead to yeast infexionz in da aweaz unner mai fwont legz which iz why Mom makez me werr t-shirtz all da timez. Needless to bark, allergeez make Pawoma a steenky gurl. Mom sez I smellz wike CHEEZE wen I iz habbin’ a fware-up but I don’t see DAT beein’ a pwoblem! I LUBBZ cheeze!

Mai dokter tolded Momma dat awott ob pupz owtgwow der allergeez so we all had owa pawz cwossed dat dis wud be twoo in mai case. Ob coursez, fur me it wuz not da case. I unnergonned bwood testz, skin skwapingz an pawhapz da most tewwiblist test ob ALLZ…A FOOD TWIAL! Dat’z wight, a food twial. Mom taked awayyz mai wegular foodz an maded me eat dis speshul Pweskwipshun Onwy kibblez an I wuzznt allowd any tweatz eeder. Howeber, dis estoopid diet dint keep me fwom snackin’ on da occayzhunal gwass or leaf salad in da backyawd. Mai Boston Terrier stubbornessez (awong wif mai lubb ob salad) pwetty much voided da food twial and leabed da Vetz skwatching dey headz. Affer more bwood testz, more skin skwapingz and twelfty millyun diffwent kindz ob shampooz, cweemz and spwayz, mai allergeez had pwoved too much fur mai vet. It wuz obveeyus dat I needed a speshuwist.

Mai next appointment wuz to be wif mai noo Vet Team in da Dermatology Depawtment at Da Ohio State Unibersity Vetawinary Hospibal. Mai noo Vet Team gibbed ma a allergeez test which wuz a more thurough test den da wegular vet iz able to pawform. While we wuz waiting fur da wezultz ob mai allergee testingz I wuz beein’ tweated fur Atopic Dermatitis, Internal & External Otitis, Pyoderma and Tail Bacterial Intertrigo. Wutt duz all dat meanz? It meanz dat I wuz itchy, skwatchy, steenky an genawally jus MISERABLE. Tweating mai symptomz up to dis point wuz bwinging sum welief but I feeled wike I wuz weally wun mowfull ob gwass awayyz fwom anudder full bwown allergix attack. Many ob mai costly tweatmentz, which iz pikchured here wuz unfortunatewy ineffectibe. Wutt wuz dey yoo axe? I shall wist dem…

  • Temaril-P A corticosteroid
  • Chlorhex Wipes An anti-bacterial wipe
  • Conofite Dez Drops Ear drops
  • Frontline Plus Flea and tick preventative
  • Fish Oil Supplements for healthy skin and coat
  • Cephalexin antibiotic
  • Duoxo Calm Shampoo
  • Duoxo Calm Spray
  • Allerderm Spot-On
  • Benedryl
  • Remicin Ointment
  • Rimadyl
  • Metronidazole
  • Aveeno Lotion
  • Derm Care Anti-Itch Spray
  • Nutri-Vet Ear Cleanse
  • Glen Haven Medicated Antiseptic Shampoo
  • Vet’s Remedy Dermatologic Conditioner 
  • Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy 

In Febwooary ob 2010 Mom weceebed mai allergix weport which wevealed dat contwary to da bewief ob mai Vet Team, I wuz not allergix to indoor allergenz! Howeber, I DO haz allergeez to da following;

  • Ragweed
  • Lamb’s Ear
  • Dock Sorrel
  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Elm
  • Sycamore
  • Orchard
  • June/Blue
  • Bermuda
  • Fescue
  • Johnson

 So wif dis infurmation mai Vet Team stawted me on ALLERGEN-SPECIFIC IMMUNOTHERAPY. Wutt’z dat meanz yoo axe? Welp, it meanz dat Mom had to gib me a SHOT in da NECK ebewy thwee dayz! Da shotz wuz formuwated espeshully fur me an dey contained diluted mixturez ob da allergenz I listed above. Da shotz iz gibben to manipuwate da immune system to become more tolerant ob da allergenz instead ob reacting wif a bad case ob da itchyness. I putted up wif deez shotz fur a whole year but I gotted awott ob CHEEZE! 

Az yoo can see, I haz ben froo awott in mai thwee yearz and da wunning tally on mai medical expensez iz sumwerrz awownd $4000.00. Mom sez dat I iz a “investment”…wutteber dat meanz! Ebewy now an den I haz a flare-up and I gettz putted back on da Temaril-P until I’z better. Mom dwessez me in a shirt to pwotekt mai delicate, sensitibb skin fwom da ebil, ebil gwassez, leabez an weedz an da bestest pawt ob it all…I can haz tweatz!


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